What are Paragraph Transitions?

We have already made it clear that each paragraph represents a particular idea of the composition. Still, when there are several passages within one essay, each being with its idea, how the reader can grasp general message? This is where paragraph transitions come into play.

Transitions are linking elements that show various relations between sentences. Units that make paragraphs be logically connected with each other are conjunctive words, phrases and logical transitions.

Transitional words and phrases

You are sure to have used transitional words and phrases in written and oral speech, though you might not know or mind these were linking elements, playing significant role in text coherence. Thus let us place things in context.

Conjunctive words are usually adverbs that may occupy various positions in a sentence. For instance: finally, anyway, hence, still, therefore, thus, undoubtedly, meanwhile, etc. With the help of transition adverbs, each sentence taken separately and passage in general acquire particular meaning and sounding.

Linking phrases perform the same function. Here are some of them: for example, as a result, in addition, said differently, etc.

Despite such rich diversity of conjunctive elements, a writer should use them carefully, having previously specified their meaning.

Logical transitions

Sometimes it is not necessary that you should use transition words between paragraphs. Relations between passages can be traced logically in written language and by means of intonation in oral speech.

As far is writing is concerned, you can utilize pronouns and simple words to secure logical connection between paragraphs. For instance: Getting married in young age, couples have immature understanding of love and think little of possible consequences.

The next paragraph may start like this: Those blind with the first feeling usually regret having started family life early.

Pronoun those acts as a logical connector between passages.

So don’t underestimate the role of transitions in the text, since they help you produce smooth piece of writing, which is easy understandable for the reader.

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